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Choose Twainspress For Your Crowdfunding Project

Don't have the capital to take your project to print yet? No Problem! We understand all the hard work that goes into your book including all the risks involved. Crowdfunding is a great way to limit your risk and get the sales before you front the bill for all the printing. 

If your planning on doing a crowdfunding campaign do it with Twainspress.

Partnering with us can be mutually beneficial. Put us on your crowdfunding page and get the following benefits:

• A 5% over-run on us. If you order 1000 copies, that’s an extra 50 copies for free!

• Get your physical hard copy sample at half price! Normally $250.00 dollars. Save $125.00 dollars!

1. Get Started with a Quote! Nothing is more disappointing then hitting your goal on Kickstarter then finding out your not making any money because there were a bunch of hidden costs. Get a quote today and find out to-the-penny what your costs will be.
• Our project manager can lock down what your costs will be and take away all of the guess work.
Get my free quote

2. Post Our TwainsPress Banner at the bottom of your Kickstarter in the "Risks and Challenges" section to give your customers the confidence that you'll be delivering on your promises.

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