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Our Story

Mark Ackerman spent two years living in Tawain as a young adult and then six months in China near the end of his college career. From those experiences he learned the language and culture of Chinese people. But on top of that, he was able to gather experiences with factories and businesses that led him to a career that would take him to China twice a year to interact with a plethora of companies there.


After a few years into this career, his wife decided to write a children's book. They were both appalled at the prices in the US, and even many China-based US printing companies. They immediately knew they would get their book made in China with Mark's previous contacts there, but started to realize just how many writers were having a hard time finding an affordable, quality printer.


That's when Twain's Press was started. Our message to writers is that we will help you get your book out to the public with minimal stress and maximum money left in your pockets. Our goal is to guide you along the path that lets your genius be realized. Because even the greatest writers in history needed a printer too.

"We will help you get your book to the public with minimal stress and maximum money left in your pocket."
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